Optimal Pursuit

Welcome to my website – here you will find a portfolio of some of my engineering projects and other things which you may find useful, interesting or entertaining. I created this version of the site in November 2015 and am gradually adding content.

You can also read a bit more about me, my continual pursuit of health & fitness, knowledge and skills. Topics I’m interested in include engineering & invention, education & communication, psychology, interpersonal interactions and especially the combination and cross-pollination of ideas within these fields.

I like to travel and meet people. My longest trip was 3½ months through Europe in 2015. You can learn about my travels and see some of my top travel tips and photos. I also enjoy cooking and making cocktails.

Take a look at the menu bar at the top of each page for links to the other pages.

I encourage you to contact me if we have common interests!

Be a student, not a follower; Learn, don’t blindly follow.

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